"If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time."
                                                                                                                               - Steve Jobs

Did you notice the day when the strategies that helped to build your company started to lose their effectiveness? 

Can you pin-point the moment your staff grew to a point where things started to really slow down?

Have you ever had the sense that hiring 10 more people would risk slowing things down and causing more stress? 

Do you still remember the good ole' days when things seemed so much simpler?

This is not how it should feel to grow your company.

We love to hear success stories but do we like to accept failure.  CEOs play the single biggest role in the organizations, however all CEOs are not successful.  But why?  What is it that happens as company's grow that causes some to succeed and others to fail despite financial and market success?

Successful organization startups and more important those that successfully navigate growth and scale have a few things in common that aren't commonly talked about.  

Welcome to that conversation, real help is simply one ask  away.
How CEO Guilds Works
Based on 15 years of successfully hosting master mind groups at scale we developed the Guild of Guilds adult learning model and the RISK Agile Framework to help others to run learning events as we have.

CEO Guilds, our flagship product, is operated as professionally hosted, online, 6-week bootcamps for CEOs.  

During a 6-week investment of ~15 min. a day and 1 hour a week, you will learn the Guild of Guilds model, the RISK Agile Framework and prepare yourself for a private invitation to participate in the Private CEO Guild of Guilds Quarterly journey's.

CEO bootcamp's are the best way to step back, gain new perspective, learn how to look at things a little differently, learn how to use a few new tools a little differently, in a time budget that fits even the most difficult schedule.

The actual 30-day and 3-month private community product events beyond the bootcamp are invite only and only consist of past bootcamp graduate populations.
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CEO  Guilds  is introduced by celebrity agile coach, Tedx speaker, author of the RISK Agile Framwork, author of the book Organizing as Humans, James Kies.  He has 20+ years experience in industry and since 2009, he has been helping (re)build side-ways organizations. Now James is helping companies train remote workers, build a remote workforce and run the entire company based on the RISK Agile Framework business operations. 

The Startup CEO Guild centers around the Hairpin Turns of the Startup CEO, a small set of videos and teachings that can illustrate and illuminate how and when to scale operations to just the right fit, and what it feels like if you don't.  
Imagine how great it'd be to JOIN THE AWESOME DISCUSSION OF many VETERAN CEO's NOW
"A Company with No Clocks"

"James Kies you brought your frying pan out and cooked it, my brother, my brother"
                               -Les Brown
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